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Myrna Hernandez

Myrna Hernandez is a high-spirited, friendly, and hardworking real estate professional. She holds two professional degrees: one in business and the other in marketing. Combining her knowledge of these two, she assists individuals and families in finding the perfect place that they can call their home.

Meet the Team

Stephanie headshot

Stephanie Garcia

Stephanie comes from a strong background in both financial and customer service. She manages day to day operations which allows her to personally know all our owners and tenants on a first name basis. In this position Stephanie works closely with the CEO, the office manager, and numerous customer service agents. She serves as the primary contact and provides both technical and logistical support on any issues.

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Jason Villafane

Jason is the office manger for MHPM Corp. Jason brings over 8 years of Office management, Human Resources, and Accounting. He is in charge and oversees the administration, portal, and maintains accounts payable, receivables, and monthly billing. He is responsible for all office procedures and uses his organizational skills to ensure smooth operations in a busy work environment.

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Lourdes Mercado

Lourdes is a serious, generous, kind and intelligent Person, she is determined, go-getter and she has over 20yrs of experience working with people. She worked as Director of Housekeeping, Business Development Officer and a Spanish Court interpreter. He entire business career Ms. Mercado has worked with people and making sure that their needs are being met. She has a wide experience in Managing and in housekeeping which makes Ms. Mercado an asset to MHPM Corp. She is bilingual which makes her a tremendous help to our Hispanic tenants, as she is able to communicate with them with no problems.
Lourdes' pledge to our tenants: I will ensure that I respond to every single one of our tenants and owners, as quickly as possible. I will make sure that I answer every question and assist in every way possible and if I don't know the answer, I will make sure that I get the answer as quickly as possible to our tenants and owners.

Kyraida headshot

Kyraida N. Villafane (Nikki)

Nikki is a sweet, Kind-hearted, Organized and happy person, she has experience in customer service, administrative work and is very good and quick to assist with our tenants, owners and vendors. She is capable, smart, supportive and is serious in her position as Customer Service Representative. She has a can do attitude and is determine to assist and make sure that she has accomplished what she sets out to do, for each and every one of our Tenants, Owners.
Nikki's pledge to our tenants and Owners: is always do her very best to resolve any and all request no matter how big or small, always return all communications as quickly as possible, make sure that I and my collogues are here at MHPM Corp give our very best to ensure that all tenants and owners are happy and well taken care off.

Field Staff

Our field staff prides itself on excellent Customer Service being very eager and self-motivated to provide the best service to our tenants. Our reps are the Liaisons between management and tenants as they provide valuable information on the services we provide.