Committed to Transforming Your Targeted Goals into Achievements

Who We Are

MHPM Corp, LLC is a licensed, experienced, locally owned, and operated community property management company. We are dedicated to bridging the gap between property owners and tenants and aim to help people on both sides of the spectrum. We strive to ensure that property owners find responsible and qualified tenants so they never have to worry about rental collections. Similarly, we help potential tenants find a place they can call home.

Our Mission

We are focused on providing exceptional real estate management services and solutions that elevate the value of each property and enrich the lives of every community resident we serve.

Our Vision

We envision building communities where people can live happily and safely in a place where they can grow, thrive, and create good memories while ensuring that board members, investors, and property owners get excellent returns on their investments.

Myrna Hernandez

Myrna is an enthusiastic, amiable, and diligent real estate expert. Armed with two professional qualifications – one in business and another in marketing – she skillfully merges her expertise in these fields to guide individuals and families in discovering their ideal homes.

Myrna feels fortunate to have found an amazing team that she can rely on to deliver exemplary real estate management services to clients and tenants alike. Myrna and her team are highly customer-centric. They treat every client and tenant with kindness and respect.

Meet the Team

At MHPM Corp, LLC, our success is owed to our award-winning and supremely talented team. We work cohesively and passionately to help property investors get the best ROIs and tenants find their dream homes on rent. Here’s a quick overview of our top talent- the faces behind the success of MHPM Corp, LLC:

Stephanie headshot

Stephanie Garcia

She takes care of financial matters and customer service exceptionally. She oversees the day-to-day operations, fostering personal relationships with our property owners and tenants. In her capacity, Stephanie collaborates closely with the CEO, the office manager, and multiple customer service agents. She serves as the go-to person for technical and logistical assistance.

Jason headshot

Jason Villafane

He is our proficient office manager at MHPM Corp LLC. With over eight years of experience in office management, human resources, and accounting, Jason is at the helm of our administrative affairs. He efficiently manages our portal, diligently maintains accounts payable and receivables, and oversees monthly billing processes. Jason plays a pivotal role in streamlining office procedures by utilizing his exceptional organizational skills to ensure the seamless operation of our bustling work environment.

Lourdes headshot

Lourdes Mercado

Mercado is a seasoned professional with 20+ years of experience in roles such as Director of Housekeeping, Business Development Officer, and Spanish Court interpreter. She is known for her determination, generosity, and intelligence.

Throughout her career, Ms. Mercado has been dedicated to meeting people's needs and excels in management and housekeeping. Her bilingual proficiency is valuable, facilitating seamless communication with our Hispanic tenants. Lourdes is committed to promptly and comprehensively responding to all tenant and owner inquiries, ensuring their satisfaction.

Kyraida headshot

Kyraida N. Villafane (Nikki)

Also known as Nikki, she exudes a delightful, kind-hearted, and organized demeanor. With experience in customer service and administration, Nikki is adept at promptly assisting tenants, owners, and vendors. Her can-do attitude, combined with her determination, makes her an invaluable Customer Service Representative. Nikki is resolute in her commitment to fulfilling the needs of each tenant and owner.

She pledges to tirelessly address requests of any size, respond promptly to all communications, and ensure that MHPM Corp provides exceptional care to all tenants and owners, fostering happiness and satisfaction.

Field Staff

Our field staff prides itself on excellent Customer Service being very eager and self-motivated to provide the best service to our tenants. Our reps are the Liaisons between management and tenants as they provide valuable information on the services we provide.