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A prosperous residential community needs a trusted partner who pays attention to the big picture along with the small details. This is what we are known for. At MHPM Corp, LLC, we deliver world-class community property management experience and services with excellence, passion, consistency, and care.

Once you partner with us for residential community management services, sit back and relax as we handle all aspects diligently, showcasing our expertise and skills at their best. This is not an overstatement. Take a look at our services and how we deliver the best and stress-free community property management experience. We extend our services to clients in and across Florida including West Palm Beach.

Comprehensive Community Property Management Solutions We Have Everything Covered!

You can count on us at MHPM Corp, LLC, for all your property management needs. Our service assistance includes helping investors and second home buyers find the perfect investment property they want to rent. We also assist with:


Marketing Strategy

Our dedicated marketing team works tirelessly to cultivate a strategic plan tailored to your property's unique attributes and target audience. We aim to create a strong brand identity for your property to engage and attract potential tenants.

Real Estate Maintenance

Our commitment to property maintenance means your investment is protected. We conduct regular inspections to identify issues early, preventing small problems from becoming costly repairs. If maintenance is required, we have a network of trusted contractors who can perform repairs promptly and efficiently. We ensure that your property remains in excellent condition, maximizing its value and appeal.


Tenant Search and Placement

Our Tenant Placement service is designed to match your property with the right tenants. We go beyond basic tenant searches and conduct thorough screenings encompassing background checks, credit history, rental history, and employment verification. This ensures that the tenants we place are financially responsible and respectful of the property. We then facilitate clear lease agreements, legally sound and in the best interests of both parties.

Rent Collection

Late or missing rental payments are a headache for busy or out of town property owners. With our rent collection service, you can bid farewell to these worries. We've streamlined the rent collection process to ensure consistent, on-time payments. This stable cash flow is crucial for financial planning and peace of mind.


IRS Form 1099-S Acquisition

We understand that tax compliance is a critical aspect of property ownership. Our team is well-versed in the IRS Form 1099-S, essential for reporting real estate transactions to the Internal Revenue Service. We'll prepare and submit this form, ensuring you remain compliant with tax regulations while accurately documenting property acquisitions.

Property Bills Management

Managing property-related bills can be time-consuming and complex. With our Property Bills Management service, we take care of all financial matters related to your property. This includes receiving, reviewing, and processing bills for property expenses such as utilities, maintenance, and insurance. We ensure that bills are paid on time, preventing disruptions to your property's operations.


Our Patent Automated Property Management System

It is a cornerstone of our commitment to delivering exemplary and efficient services at MHPM Corp, LLC. This innovative software system is designed to enhance the management of your property by providing us with the tools and capabilities needed to operate at the top level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Automated Property Management System ensures transparent, efficient transactions and streamlined processes. We promptly address tenant concerns, maintenance requests, and financial matters with real-time data. Furthermore, data-driven insights that we collect through this system effectively ensure informed decisions to meet evolving property management needs.

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